Featuring in a major free exhibition this Summer

Kingston Pound has been invited to participate in a a major free exhibition, The City Is Ours, at the Museum of London this Summer. The work that we are doing to support local businesses in our borough will be shown along side an array of other exciting projects that are taking the lead in our city and building projects to encourage community resilience, cohesion and generally improve city life.

With more than half the world’s population now living in urban areas, the Museum of London’s major free exhibition for 2017 asks how and why cities around the world are changing, and what urban communities are doing to improve city life. The museum will also dare its visitors to become actively involved in changing their own city and have a say on the future of urban living.

Some other projects included in the exhibition are:

Museum Freecycle – Kennington

Founded in 2014, Museum Freecycle is hosted by Freecycle and allows for a free exchange of unwanted items between UK museums that can either donate or post requests for items that are needed. Museum Freecycle is the first ever industry-wide freecycle group and is run voluntarily with zero budget. Since its inception, the initiative has reduced the environmental impact of the UK museum sector and given a second lease of life to hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of museum equipment.

YouChoose: Budget consultation tool – Redbridge

YouChoose is an online budget simulator that encourages members of the public to consider where council budget cuts should fall, where efficiencies might be made, and where (from a list provided by the council) possible efficiency savings and methods of income generation might be made. The tool gives residents the opportunity to indicate which services they prioritise most highly or feel are least important.

Repowering London – Brixton

Repowering London is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes and facilitates the wide scale development and local ownership of renewable energy projects across South London. They specialise in working with community groups and local authorities to reduce CO2 emissions, tackle fuel poverty, educate residents about energy efficiency, promote local leadership through co-operative community engagement and provide opportunities for local and responsible financial investment.

To find out more about the other 25 London initiative please read the full Press Release here.