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Why build a local currency for Kingston?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your cash when you spend it in Kingston-upon-Thames? Well most of it (80-90%) leaves the borough within a day, then leaves the county and a lot of it leaves the UK – untaxed!

Driving around the borough you will see some empty shop units where hard working small businesses used to fill our high streets – yes even in affluent Surrey. Do we want to lose our high streets and shopping parades? Imagine if we could keep some of the money circulating around the Kingston Borough, what could that mean for any struggling independent businesses? What could it mean for jobs?

We all have choices as to where to spend and invest our money. If we commit to using Kingston Pounds as part of our weekly spend we will be taking control over what our money is doing and we will be investing in our own town and community.

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Printed K£ are available now

Kingston_Pound_NotesWe have finally launched the printed version of the K£. You can get them at

Banquet Records, 52 Eden St, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1EE

Tolworth Post Office, 64 Tolworth Broadway, Tolworth, Surbiton KT6 7HR

Can’t easily get to a issuing point? Simply order your printed K£ here