From the start Kingston Pound has tried to be more than a method of payment. It is trying to strengthen the bond between local businesses on the high street and ‘cyberstreet’ and us, the community. Money transactions are also opportunities for social interactions which can lead to customer loyalty and a stronger more resilient community.

The strong bonds between our community can make us all happier human beings more likely to cooperate’ collaborate; and have the confidence to try something different. Robin Hutchinson in relation to The Museum of Futures said:

“It’s going to provide a home for a lot of activities that at the moment are without location, and I hope it will have a big impact on the way people perceive Surbiton.

It is no surprise then that the confidence to develop a local currency originated in the same environment that has allowed the Surbiton Food Festival; the International Youth Arts Festival; and the Museum of Futures to develop. That said, we still need more people to join in. It costs you nothing except the few minutes it takes to use the app or send a text.

You may feel that individually you are not making any difference to the project but as a collective you can make a massive impact on the community. We only ask that you convert some money and spend them in the participating businesses. More businesses will join in!

If you have yet to join in email [email protected] and we will help you get set up.