Tal – Owner of The Cheeky Pea

We had a film crew with us in Kingston on the 26th April 2019. A film maker called Piotr Karter is making a documentary film about money and how it works and affects us.

Amie – Owner of Naturally Chinese Restaurant

This is no mean feat because money is fairly complex in its nature and a bit difficult to define. The film will hopefully help demystify what money is and help us discover more about how it works in the way it leaves tell tail signs of joy (or desperation, in equal measure), in its wake. We may not know what money is but see its effect on our communities. Amie said “People have to be prepared to make an effort to use it (Kingston Pound). Putting in effort into things (general) means that we can all benefit”.

Karen – Editor of Salmon Magazine

Karen at Salmon Magazine said “In the same way that the Salmon is very sensitive to their environment (lamenting the fact that Salmon no longer live in the Thames), we need to realize that local businesses, community groups and charities are also very sensitive to their economic environment”