You often read about economic performance being expressed as GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This is the monetary measure of the ‘output’ of a country and is used for international comparison.

What if there was a limit to this growth and what if going forward there was no more growth? What then?

Part of the answer is to become more efficient so that we squeeze as much benefit from economic activity as possible.

The money we use in the UK is designed to flow around to enable businesses and individuals to pay bills and possibly grow wealth but many people have no desire for endless growth. Also the money that flows around tends to get soaked up too quickly and moved on to head offices out of town or offshore.

If we were to treat Money as an element like the wind or the Sun, why not try and harness it and make it work for us?

Kingston Pound is trying to harness the money that passes through Kingston so that it is recycled among us – the community.

That’s good right?