When it comes to our high street, do we like what is happening to it? Do we like how our children are interacting and learning about money? Are we happy with our relationship with money?

The Kingston Pound project is trying to do a number of things. The obvious one is to encourage more local spending, especially with local shops. However, if that was all we are, we would fail.

By participating in a local currency you are contributing to the further resilience of your local economy and community. In fact you are investing in your community in a unique and measurable way. To a certain degree we are taking some control over the money circulating around our town.

Of course we can use Sterling but if you let us tag it with Kingston Pounds we can encourage more trade between businesses in the borough.

So, do we like the direction of travel? Kingston Pound is not ‘the’ answer. We need to be part of the wider conversation relating to civic pride and the idea that we can cherish our borough – with each pound!