Money is something that is most definitely ‘done to us’ and so we do not have much control over it. We are forever chasing it and when we get it, most of it is hoovered up by large multinationals (some are so big e.g. Hoover, their name describes the process). The point is, money flows around us and we simply accept it. We accept that large multinationals supply our Power; our Food; our Water; and they have created clever ways for our money to trickle away from our community and into the head offices off shore.To clarify for anyone not aware, Kingston Pound is a Community Interest Company run by volunteers who are interested in helping the community to take some control over our money. 
In the same way that we can control some local food production that can enter the local food chain, we feel that if we can direct money into our local supply chain and encourage local businesses to trade with each other, this has to be a good thing. More local jobs and lower transportation cost – that makes sense right? 
It is not simply about profit either. We all know of how local businesses can benefit our town. The revival of the Canbury Arms in Kingston is an example of how a locality can become and attractive place to live and work simply because of the efforts of a small business.
Using Kingston Pounds as part of our spending within our local economic ecosystem helps us control some of our money and helps make our local economy more resilient. It is free to join and the system we are using has been scrutinized by the Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority.
We are available to speak at any group meeting or on a one to one basis if you need us. 

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