We thought it would be a good idea to outline some practical suggestions to enable the trial to run

As you know, Surbiton Food Festival organisers have very kindly allowed us to trial Kingston
Pound during the festival and we thank them wholeheartedly for the opportunity to do this. If you
have any questions about the trial during the festival we will be available at all of the events, on a
stand. During the working week we can be contacted on twitter, FB or email

These are some suggestions for using Kingston Pounds.

  • Try and spread your Kingston Pounds throughout the festival stalls and
    participating businesses. Seek them out by using our web site
    www.kingstonpound.org. or look out for the distinctive ‘K£’ logo in shop windows
    or on their stalls.
  • A trader or shop should be willing to accept 5K£’s at a single trade but be
    prepared use cash as well. For example use 3K£ and £2 cash for a £5
    purchase; or 5K£ and £5 cash for a £10 purchase.
  • Please don’t insist on change – try and pay with K£ to the nearest £ and make
    up with normal money. However, a trader may offer to give you change which is
    fine if they do.
  • If you run out of Kingston Pounds you may purchase more from us or ask for
    them in your change from a trader if they have some in their till. You may even
    buy some from a trader if they have some spare. We are printing 3,000 notes so
    we can accommodate more purchases.
  • Traders can sell K£ to you but only at face value.
  • Kingston Pounds can be spent up to the end of May so there may be some
    shops or pubs who will ‘hoover’ up any unspent notes.
  • You may keep the notes for souvenirs if you like.
  • Any notes you have not spent can be redeemed up until the end of May if you
    are a consumer, or mid June if you are a trader. All you need to do is contact us
    and we will sort it out Andrew@kingstonpound.org.
  • If the notes are damaged please bring them back to us and we will exchange
    them as long as they are recognisable – don’t buyativan.org put the onus on the traders, we
    will be around to help.
  • Also the organisers of the Surbiton Food Festival will refer you to us for any
    queries regarding Kingston Pound. They are responsible for the running of the
    festival and we are looking after the Kingston Pound.
  • Later in the year we intend to trial an Electronic Kingston Pound (EK£). We are looking for
    volunteers for this so if you would like to take part please contact John@kingstonpound.org and
    he will let you know what you need to do in order to take part. Once we have enough in the
    trial we will contact some businesses willing to join the trial and accept Electronic Kingston
    Pounds (EK£).